About Us

Certified Use of Force Instructor
C.O.B.R.A TM Self-Defense Instructor
ASP Certified Instructor
BST & AST Advanced Security Training

Sheldon C Martin
SPS Security Protection Services
P: Phone: 1+(250) 616-8536
E: spssheldonmartin@yahoo.com
W: securityprotectionservices.ca

CV / Qualifications

*Certified Basic & AST – Advanced Security , Approved JIBC Instructor

Approved JIBC Instructor –  Alberta ABST Approved Instructor

* ASP AIC Certified Instructor , ASP (ABC) Instructor
APS International Training Team

. CEPT TED Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design
Train The Trainer

. Licensed Bodyguard
Canada & United States, Executive Protection, VIP Close Protection

. British Columbia, Licensed Security Consultant

. Private Investigator us

. Martial Arts Practitioner IFAA Certified Instructor

* Use of Force Instructor Crisis Intervention de- escalation
Critical Incident Stress

* Threat Recognition Tactics Instructor (PPCT)

* PPTC Defensive Tactics Instructor

* Firearms Instructor Ranger Officer Use of Force / Retention

ASP (AIC) Tactical Baton
Instructor, Tactical Flashlight
Defensive Tactics, Trifold
ASP Handcuff Certification
ASP Handcuff Re-Certification
ASP Baton Certification
ASP Baton Re-Certification
British Columbia / Alberta
Advanced Instructor Certification
Internationally recognized

* Personal Safety Instructor
Protecting Those Who Protect